Benoit Terpereau
I have 3 kids and still have time to manage the best team ever.
Marion Dupont
Marketing Manager
I once biked from Paris to London, it took me 5 days!
Martin Vauthier
Product Manager
I’m bringing the Hip-Hop to the Sustainability world.


Matthieu Delanoe
I once hid a Chuck Norris into my code. It’s still there.
Nathalie Plagnol
Design Expert
I sing songs that get stuck in my colleagues’ heads all day.
Emmanuel Desir
During the last Soccer World Cup,  I went to Rio de Janeiro and slept in the Favelas.


Thomas Lacan
When I code I growl like an ewok. Eeeeeeewr eeewr.
Adriana Salazar
Marketing Assistant
I’m from Barcelona, was born in Kenya and haven’t stopped traveling since.
TianChen Fu
Sales Assistant
I was born in Dongbei, China, but I really don’t like rice.