Engage Your Employees Through Private Reports

Engage your internal stakeholders around key initiatives by driving their attention to your reports & encouraging participation.

Attract Attention & Build Team Buy-In

Besides from providing mobile reports, Publisher helps you build reports that your employees are excited to read, work on and share with their teams. An internal report which looks professional, modern and intuitive will have greater chances of capturing employees’ attention, boosting circulation and engaging teams.

Facilitate Accessibility & Reading

Reading professional documents is not always convenient, especially when doing so from a mobile device. By making sure your internal reports always look great, and that they use interactive features, you’ll not only facilitate employee accessibility; you’ll also increase your reports’ audience and number of reads!

Increase Involvement & Participation

Your internal actions and projects need the support and involvement of all your employees to succeed. A great internal report can help you communicate your challenges, objectives and results to an attentive, engaged and active audience, while ensuring the overall success of your initiatives.

Engage All Of Your Stakeholders Through Public Reports

Strengthen stakeholder engagement thanks to interactive reports that demonstrate your commitment to dialogue & transparency.

Expand Reach & Increase Audience

By fostering their presence on social media, your reports respond to the way people interact today. This is why Publisher is your best ally in maximizing the reach of your public reports. You’ll be able to create reports that are tailored to your stakeholder’s needs, quickly expanding your audience.

Facilitate Dialogue With Stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement and receiving feedback on your report can be challenging. Our goal is to help you change this by fostering open and enthusiastic exchanges within your public report, and allowing your readers to comment. As a result, your business will be positioned as a moderator of social dialogue.

Demonstrate Business Transparency

Corporate transparency is one of the most valuable qualities you can demonstrate towards your stakeholders. By initiating a dialog, you demonstrate confidence in your values and comfort in engaging with your audience, which is the best way to build a sustainable brand and conserve your reputation.

Increase Efficiency

We aim to help you limit your time and resource expenditure and increase efficiency within your reporting team.

Save Time

Spend time on what matters and don’t waste it on complicated and inefficient solutions. Publisher does the heavy lifting for you. We have created templates based on the most famous reporting frameworks (GRI, CDP, GRESB) to help you focus on the most important aspects of your report: data, content and brand image.

Facilitate Collaboration

Collaborative reporting means time-efficiency and accuracy. Thanks to collaborative features, you can easily integrate team members in your reporting process, allowing you to draw from their unique skill-sets. Your team is able to adopt a comfortable and dynamic workflow, improving reports organically.

Reduce Reporting Costs

By optimizing the resources already within your company and completing your reporting tasks in less time, you’ll be drastically reducing your reporting costs. As the Publisher doesn’t require specific coding or design skills, you’ll need less external resources to publish a cutting-edge report.