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5 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss About the GRI4

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5 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss About the GRI4

Unless you were on a desert island or on the other side of the planet, you surely didn’t miss the Global Conference on Sustainability & Reporting organized by the GRI. Gathering over 1500 Sustainability professionals and leaders, the 3-day event included training sessions, workshops and regional presentations about Sustainability reporting, but was also the chance for key leaders to get a brief on the new version of the framework: the G4. Highly expected, the new G4 has provoked numerous articles on diverse Sustainability media. Here our top 5 suggestions for you to get the big picture.

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1. Global Reporting Initiative: the sustainability reporting revolution: Sustainability reporting has come a long way but we cannot stand still. Ernst Ligteringen argues the new G4 reporting framework will lead to a sustainable economy.

2. What’s the purpose of sustainability reporting? Is there still a role for sustainability reporting and if so what should it be? Experts share their views.

3. 9 things you need to know about GRI’s G4: Materiality is a must, ABC gets a D, the “plus” is no longer part of the equation, there are now 2 types of DMAs, and more…

4. The future of sustainability reporting: how can we make it better? The launch of new G4 guidelines raised the questions about how far sustainability reporting has got us, and how we can improve it?

5. Sustainability reporting: does G4 enhance sight but obscure vision? New reporting guidelines miss a chance to encourage companies to address their accountability for global problems.

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Finally, don’t hesitate to make an opinion for yourself by reading the G4 literature on the GRI dedicated section, and share your views with them.

Are you convinced by the G4 or not?

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