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Closing Your G4 Report? 4 GRI Tools You Do Not Want to Miss

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Closing Your G4 Report? 4 GRI Tools You Do Not Want to Miss

According to the latest statistics on the GRI, 431 G4 reports have officially been published over the past year throughout the world so far, which already amounts to almost 12% of all G3.1 reports ever published. If you are one of those companies, congratulations! I would be pleased to hear your stories and have you share your experience here on this blog. However, if you’re still struggling with your G4 report and wishing to publish it before the end of the year, you may need a quick reminder about the different tools that the GRI has made available for you on their website.

Please note that you may need to become an “Organizational Stakeholder” to download some of them for free, but most of them are complimentary of GRI and fully downloadable on their website.

So here are the 4 tools you should consider (and try out!) before closing your G4 report:

  • The G4 Content Index Tool: This free excel matrice helps you generate a customized GRI G4 Content Index according to your “In Accordance” option, whether you choose Core or Comprehensive. The inclusion of a GRI Content Index is mandatory if you want to disclose a G4 report, and this template can greatly help you present a consistent format while having a complete overview of your chosen Standard Disclosures.
  • The “Materiality Matters” Check: This feature is one of the great “Report Services” proposed by the GRI. After sending your report and a completed sign-up form to the “Report Services” team, the process verifies that the General Standard Disclosures are correctly located into your G4 report and your G4 Content Index. In order words, the tool aims to “offer clarity on the location of critical content that readers can expect to find” in your report and open a dialogue with your organization before your report is published.
  • The Sustainability Disclosure Database: The GRI database does not only let you access and download an impressive history of GRI reports (since 1999) with very useful filter features, it also let you register your company and your own report for free. This is an unmissable step of your G4 report publication, as the GRI database is THE central place where all the GRI-based reports are gathered, with over 10 000 visitors each month.
  • The G4 Feedback Form: To help the GRI improve their guidelines, don’t hesitate to send them your completed G4 Feedback Form, with your own vision of the user-friendliness, technical quality or explanations clarity of the framework. Your overall impression regarding the use of the guidelines will be very useful to work on future versions and get a general consensus of what should be improved.

Finally, if you’re investigating options to publish a digital version of your G4 report, you should consider our online G4 Template  on the Publisher. Created with the CSR consultancy Lavola, this pre-created online G4 structure is ready to be filled up with your Sustainability data & content to present a modern and multi-device CSR report. Drop me an inbox for more info!

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