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Discover 5 Innovative Tools at the Crossroad of CSR & Social Media

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Discover 5 Innovative Tools at the Crossroad of CSR & Social Media

What kind of services come to your mind when you hear “Sustainability start-up”? Green tech and energy saving, right? All these solutions are GREAT, but do you know that CSR professionals can also have their daily work incredibly facilitated thanks to innovative CSR services online? Here’s a list of 5 tools and projects that will help you save time and money while implementing your CSR strategy.

1/ Practically Green: 

Practically Green is a Boston-based start-up founded in 2010 and focusing on gamifying Sustainability around Stakeholder Engagement. The start-up “works with employers to create sustainability programs for employees through projects and competitions. Its mobile and web apps encourage users to keep track of water usage, energy conservation and other categories.” Practically Green just raised $3 million and hired two former executives of Facebook and Paypal to join their team. You definitely want to try it out to involve your employees in a common Sustainability adventure.

Practically Green


2/ Standard Maps: 

Standard Maps is an incredible online tool that helps you identify, quick-scan and compare information on over 130 standards, codes of conduct and audit protocols addressing Sustainability hotspots in global supply chains. You can even assess your business Sustainability profile and roadmap and the good news is, the tool is free if you’re coming from a developing country.


3/ Cone Communication SocialScore: 

Here’s another Boston-based service, but this one will help you figure out your level of stakeholder engagement & dialogue on Social Media. The Cone Communication methodology will calculate how you inform and engage with your stakeholders on social networks and in your CSR communication (including your report), and provide you with a score which you’ll be able to benchmark among your industry peers.

Cone Communications Launches CSR SocialScore


4/ Good Measure: 

Good Measure was launched 3 weeks ago by Corktown Seed, a communication company, and is a survey and analytical tool to “help companies communicate their CSR work more effectively”. What does that mean concretely ? That Good Measure will help you identify the aspects that will resonate emotionnally and intellectually with your stakeholders. By assessing how they engage with social and environmental issues, this diagnosis will help you find out what matters most to your stakeholders and therefore define your materiality.


5/ 5/ The Publisher :

I couldn’t talk about all these great services without a little mention to the project I work for: The Publisher. You can think of us as the WordPress for online Sustainability reports. We’ve designed a CMS to publish web-based and interactive CSR reports for people who believe that PDF  reports are no longer an option but don’t have the time or resources to invest in a traditional website. The reports we power are social, engaging, stakeholder friendly and most importantly… affordable. And you can even try it for free!


Do you know of any other start-up that should be added to this list? Feel free to suggest them below!

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