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Great CSR Reporting Resources You May Have Missed in 2013

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Great CSR Reporting Resources You May Have Missed in 2013

My job is to stay up-to-date with all information related to Sustainability Reporting and as new studies are released almost every week, it is definitely keeping me busy! I’ve been reading a lot of great pieces these last few months but I sometimes still happen to bump into major resources that have gone under my radar. If that has happened to you as well, this list might help you stay well-informed about CSR & Sustainability Reporting at large.

Here’s my list of the 5 latest resources I read and found interesting to share:

1. Corporate Perspectives 2013 – Global PR Reporting Trends and Stakeholder Views

Each year, Corporate Register publishes its CR Perpectives Report, “combining data, insight and opinion to reveal how global CR reporting has developed to date and where it might be headed.” Last year was no exception and the 2013 edition provides great insights on context, communications and credibility of CR reporting, with statistics deriving from their 52 000 reports database.  The most interesting figure in my view is the clear need for “targeted communications for different audiences” expressed by a majority of companies. Web-based reports with tailored features for different audiences or local versions seem like an interesting approach for some companies.

Figure 3

Figure 3 Bis


2. Reporting Matters – WBCSD Baseline Report 2013

This report has been written in partnership with Radley Yeldar, and that alone is a quality guarantee. With a clear structure and a polished design, this report goes through detailed findings on original subjects related to writing a CSR Report, from “Evidence of activities” to “Content architecture” and “Conciseness”. Some of the statistics presented are out-of-the-box but will be incredibly usefull to people working in CSR reporting services. For instance, do you know the average number of pages CSR reports usually display?

Figure 6

3. The KPMG Survey of CR Reporting 2013

This annual classic provides a “snapshot of current global trends in CR reporting” and covers 4100 companies in 41 countries. The innovation here is an online tool which allows users to compare the rate, assurance and quality score of CR reporting by country, region or sector. This is a unique tool to compare the rates of reporting among different countries with mandatory regulations for instance!

The KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013   KPMG   GLOBAL

4. Ideas on Purpose – Trends in Corporate Reporting  2013

21-01-2014 15-22-48

For the third time, Ideas on Purpose studied the evolution of trends in corporate reporting and found that “interactive online reports are popular, and use of high quality video is growing”. However, “the use of tablets/smartphones apps remains in its infancy”. Responsive design is seen as a nascent trend and may be the solution to provide single CSR web-based reports on different devices.

5. Count me in – The readers’ take on Sustainability Reporting

Another study from KPMG, in association with SustainAbility, analyses how readers interact with Sustainability reports, what information they’re expecting to see and how this information influences their perceptions on companies. By drewing profiles of business and civil society readers, this report helps identifying their needs in terms of stakeholder dialogue, but also suggests recommendations for improvement.

21-01-2014 15-44-40

Did you come across significant resources that have not been listed here? I’d be glad to hear about them in your comments!

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