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Is Your Sustainability Report Mobile-Ready ? Key Figures To Stay On Trend

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Is Your Sustainability Report Mobile-Ready ? Key Figures To Stay On Trend

If you take a look at the Lundquist CSR Online Survey 2014, called Digital Disruption and the Future of CSR, you will learn that user-friendliness of Sustainability reports is ranked third among the key “stakeholders expectations in a digital-first world”. But what does “user-friendly” exactly refer to here?

Lundquist’s study states that “difficulty in finding what you need is cited as a major source of frustration” for stakeholders reading Sustainability reports. “Faced with a multiplicity of approaches, formats and channels, users expect to find information quickly and orient themselves in the reporting system”. Adding infographics, charts and using interactive tools such as a good search engine, or creating stakeholder views is therefore crucial to improve the readability of your reports…but that’s not all. The survey (which has been running for 7 years now) also shows a “marked increase in the use of mobile devices when looking for sustainability information since 2012: 43% say they use such a tablet and 51% a smartphone at least weekly for sustainability information.”

However, the bad news is only 13% of CSR websites are in responsive design, (meaning adapting content automatically to fit different screen sizes). Lunquist admits that companies are “slow to keep up with rapid developments in visual communications and mobile penetration”.

The need to produce mobile-ready sustainability reports has never been greater, as the latest Marketing figures released by Percolate show:

  • Mobile devices will soon dwarf PC’s by number: in 2016, there will be four times more smartphones and tablets than personal computers in the world.

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  • Mobile is the first screen: people are spending more minutes / day on mobile than television.

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  • Internet usage now led by mobile devices: In 2013, the average monthly hours spent on the internet on a smartphone (34) overpassed the one from a computer (27).

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  • Mobile is more than half of all email opens, against 27% for desktop and 21% for webmail.

30-06-2014 11-58-06

All these charts are consistent with the same trend: mobiles are here to stay and your Sustainability report should not be left over. By enabling your stakeholders to access it through their smartphones and tablets, you will not only increase its user-friendliness, but also its accessibility, visibility, and attractiveness. Besides, they will most likely be leaving with an overall improved image of your brand. If more stakehodlers can access your report, and have an easy-to-read and interactive experience with your content, they will be more keen to share the good news with their network, participate and leave their feedback – Isn’t this what we call stakeholder engagement ?

To discover how you can design a responsive Sustainability report on your own with our Publisher tool, click here. We’re here to help you create the most engaging and mobile-ready Sustainability reports there is, and we’d love to give you a tour of our platform..



  1. Mukesh Parmar Reply

    Great article Marion. I have to totally agree with you that more websites need to be responsive as your stats show, that more and more people are using different devises to access the website.

    Have a look at our Sustainability Microsite which is a responsive deign:


    What we made sure is that we kept the text simple as people using mobiles, dont want to be scrolling loads of text, so we broke the text with clever use of infographics and images.

  2. Marion Dupont Reply

    Hi Mukesh,

    Thanks for your comment. Your report is indeed beautiful, very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Congrats! I also like the fact that you can filter the content based on your topics of interest. We offer more or less the same feature, except we enable readers to filter the report according to their stakeholders group (employee, supplier, NGO…). Finally, enabling to stay up-to-date with your Sustainability content through a RSS feed is very smart and might be very useful to your readers. Keep up the good work!

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