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Our Best Digital Sustainability Reports in 2014

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Our Best Digital Sustainability Reports in 2014

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve figured by now that I’m working for the Publisher, a service that aims to change the way companies publish Sustainability reports. We do that by giving them the tools that will allow the creation of their online Sustainability reports in full autonomy, with no specific coding or design expertise required. Just like you would create a blog on WordPress, the Publisher guides you step by step to build your report’s tree structure, upload your content into your different pages (text, images, charts but also videos or infographics) and customize your design.

This year, we’ve worked with numerous projects, but I wanted to tell you more about five of them that we are particularly proud of. They are from five different industries and pick up very different design themes, but they  have one thing in common: they now present to their stakeholders an engaging CSR report that is interactive, readable on smartphones and tablets, and social media ready.

Here are our five best digital Sustainability reports of 2014:


Chicken of the Sea

Chicken of the Sea is an American leading provider of packaged seafood, such as tuna, salmon, clams, crab, shrimps…and a lot more. Based in San Diego, California, Chicken of the Sea is a proud supplier to all segments of the foodservice industry, from schools and convenience stores to health care centers and restaurants. Their long-standing commitment to operating a socially and environmentally responsible business is presented in their report below:




MADE-BY is a European not-for-profit organisation and was launched in 2004 in direct response to growing consumer concern in Europe over social and environmental issues in the fashion industry. Driven by a commitment to sustainability, MADE-BY’s overall mission is to make sustainable fashion common practice. To achieve this, they work with fashion brands to develop and implement sustainability strategies that improve environmental and social conditions across their operations and entire supply chain. This is the second report MADE-BY has published using the Publisher (see last version here) and they’ve been using a very designed and consistent look throughout their two editions, as you’ll notice by clicking on their 2013 Annual Report below.



Lavola is a Sustainability consultancy based near Barcelona and has been a leader in Sustainability related services in Spain for the past 30 years. By offering diverse solutions to respond to needs in different areas (responsible organization, energy and climate change, environmental and regional studies, education for sustainability and integral green communication), they employ no less than 150 Sustainability experts to help their clients achieve economic, social and environmental responsibility. This is not much to say they know their business well when it comes to CSR reporting! They’ve also been publishing their Sustainability report for the last two years with the Publisher (see last version here) and have partnered with us on the GRI G4 Template  project.



CCIB means the International Center of Convention of Barcelona, and consists of two large buildings that offer a space of 100,000sqm. They provide a wide range of services that contribute to easing the organization of large events. The CCIB facilities are among the most technologically advanced in the world and place the Centre in a leading position in Europe. The CCIB promotes and mantains a corporate social responsability strategy since 2011, which they explain in their 2013 Sustainability Report.




B:SM stands for “Barcelona de Serveis Municipals” and is a public limited company, wholly owned by the Barcelona City Council. Their priority is to provide quality services to both citizens and customers in areas such as mobility or in different landmark city leisure facilities. Their main strategic areas are: to increase citizen/customer satisfaction; to bring value to municipal policies; to optimise the social and economic profitability of activities and to innovate in products, services, processes and technology.

BSM Shadows


Interested in learning more about these projects and already thinking about next year’s report? Drop me an email and I will happily tell you more about their stories and discuss ways we could help you with your own report.

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