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    Using Powerful Infographics to Communicate on Sustainability

    Last week was a busy one at Enablon Publisher. We attended the Sustainable Performance Forum (SPF) EMEA Conference here in Paris and now we’re getting back to business. A lot of interesting ideas were discussed, especially during the morning workshops (Day 1), so we have plenty of blog-worthy material to work with! Getting to see some great keynote presen...

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    How Can You Benchmark Your Sustainability Performance Against Industry Peers?

    “What gets measured gets managed” is a mantra that is often quoted in CSR conversations to highlight the importance of measuring quantitative data to improve Sustainability Performance. Not only should companies measure their performance and track progress over time, they should also compare their performance against their industry peers, which is often a challenge due to different data scopes and methodologies. Continue reading »

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    Our Best Digital Sustainability Reports in 2014

    If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve figured by now that I’m working for the Publisher, a service that aims to change the way companies publish Sustainability reports. We do that by giving them the tools that will allow the creation of their online Sustainability reports in full autonomy, with no specific coding or design expertise required. Just like you would create a blog on WordPress, the Publisher guides you step by step to build your report’s tree structure, upload your content into your different pages (text, images, charts but also videos or infographics) and customize your design.

    This year, we’ve worked with numerous projects, but I wanted to tell you more about five of them that we are particularly proud of. They are from five different industries and pick up very different design themes, but they  have one thing in common: they now present to their stakeholders an engaging CSR report that is interactive, readable on smartphones and tablets, and social media ready.

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