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    Is Your Sustainability Report Mobile-Ready ? Key Figures To Stay On Trend

    If you take a look at the Lundquist CSR Online Survey 2014, called Digital Disruption and the Future of CSR, you will learn that user-friendliness of Sustainability reports is ranked third among the key “stakeholders expectations in a digital-first world”. But what does “user-friendly” exactly refer to here?

    Lundquist’s study states that “difficulty in finding what you need is cited as a major source of frustration” for stakeholders reading Sustainability reports. “Faced with a multiplicity of approaches, formats and channels, users expect to find information quickly and orient themselves in the reporting system”. Adding infographics, charts and using interactive tools such as a good search engine, or creating stakeholder views is therefore crucial to improve the readability of your reports…but that’s not all. The survey (which has been running for 7 years now) also shows a “marked increase in the use of mobile devices when looking for sustainability information since 2012: 43% say they use such a tablet and 51% a smartphone at least weekly for sustainability information.” Continue reading »

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    5 Tips to Differentiate Your Online Sustainability Report….and Increase Your Audience

    So you’ve just spent months defining your Sustainability strategy and indicators, collecting your data, calculating your KPIs and writing down about all of it in your Sustainability report draft. You’ve agreed with your consultancy on a report design theme and chose nice tree pictures, and you are really excited about that online version of your report which is supposed to impress all your stakeholders. But…wait a minute? Aren’t you missing something?

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    Corporate Responsibility + Web 2.0 = Sustainability 2.0

    I’ve read a lot of reports recently on the new concept of “Sustainability 2.0” or “Accountability 2.0”, referring to the “Intersection of Corporate Responsibility and Web 2.0”. As the collaborative platform dedicated to connecting sustainability leaders, Wizness is exactly at this intersection. I believe that more and more companies will use social media and social networking tools to present their corporate responsibility, broadcast their sustainability reports and above all, engage with their stakeholders.

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    10 Communication Tips to Produce the Best CSR Report Ever

    One of your 2011 resolutions might be to publish or improve your company CSR Report. If you are not familiar with this exercise or are unsure how to properly communicate CSR data, you will find below 10 key tips that top companies are using and which will help you improve the quality and effectiveness of your report. The best practices have been collected by Craig Design & Communications and PricewaterhouseCoopers who studied “how effectively companies have communicated their CSR strategies and performance”. They summarized and published the results of their survey in the report “CSR Trends 2010”, which is downloadable at the end of this article.

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