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    My New Year’s Resolutions As a Sustainability Report

    I’m usually not quite fond of the traditional new year’s resolutions, as I don’t like the idea that I have to wait until next January to make a change in my life. If I want to read more, eat better and run or blog once a week, why should I wait for a precise time to get started? “Tomorrow is the first day to the rest of your life” as they say…

    Nevertheless, this holiday period is a perfect time to sit back, relax, and think about the passed year’s good times and achievements. It is one to also plan the next significant projects of the year ahead, on a personal level (getting prepared for the next triathlon race, plan a wedding…) but also professionally (attend a specific Sustainability conference, complete another reporting project…).

    Now, what if I wasn’t myself but… a Sustainability report? Yeah you read well. What would my resolutions tend to be? Here are 10 ideas that ought to be on my list if this happened to be the case, alongside with suggestions of resources to be the soundest of all! Continue reading »

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    25 Quotes That Will Convince You About Online Sustainability Reporting

    I’ve been blogging a few times about the fact that PDF is no longer an option when it comes to publishing your CSR report or communicating about Sustainability. As explained in How Can Social Media Improve Sustainability Reporting?, stakeholders can’t really have their say in current Sustainability reports, which are often long documents that no one can comment, read on mobile devices or share on social media.

    A vast majority of CSR professionals share the same conclusions, as the Storify of the lastest #3BLChat “CSR/Sustainability Reporting: A Marathon Not a Sprint” will show you. However, some companies are still afraid of the consequences of publishing their environmental and social data in full transparency, and would rather hide their report in the back of their websites.

    If you need to convince your boss that your organization must reconsider its CSR publications, or simply get your head refreshed with great content, here’s 25 inspirational quotes that will prove you online reporting is the way to go! Continue reading »