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    Our Best Digital Sustainability Reports in 2014

    If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve figured by now that I’m working for the Publisher, a service that aims to change the way companies publish Sustainability reports. We do that by giving them the tools that will allow the creation of their online Sustainability reports in full autonomy, with no specific coding or design expertise required. Just like you would create a blog on WordPress, the Publisher guides you step by step to build your report’s tree structure, upload your content into your different pages (text, images, charts but also videos or infographics) and customize your design.

    This year, we’ve worked with numerous projects, but I wanted to tell you more about five of them that we are particularly proud of. They are from five different industries and pick up very different design themes, but they  have one thing in common: they now present to their stakeholders an engaging CSR report that is interactive, readable on smartphones and tablets, and social media ready.

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    7 Interesting Statistics on How French Companies Manage Their GHG Emissions

    As a French Sustainability professional blogging in English, I sometimes feel the need to tell you more about what’s going on in my country about environmental or social issues. I already broadly covered Corporate Social Responsibility in France in the article “What Do The French Have To Say About CSR” published back in February, but today I’d like to focus on the way French companies manage their GHG emissions and plan their reduction actions. Who knows, you might even learn an interesting thing or two from the froggies! Continue reading »

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    Why is South Africa Leading The Integrated Reporting Debate?

    Two weeks ago, I took some days off to go to South Africa and attend Al Gore’s Climate Reality training in Johannesburg. Aside from attending the conference, visiting the Kruger Park and enjoying tasteful wine in the wineyards, it was also the perfect time to meet the local leaders that are trying to change South Africa through Sustainability vision and best practices.

    What particularly stroke me throughout the dozen of incredible meetings I had there, was that South Africa is incredibly advanced on the reporting agenda. I knew, from the KPMG CR Reporting Survey 2013, that the rate of CR reporting in South Africa scored more than 90% last year, which is more than the US or Germany for instance. However, what I didn’t know was not only do South-African big companies publish great Sustainability reports, they also appear to be the world leaders when it comes to Integrated Reporting. Continue reading »

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