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This May Be The Most Original & Entertaining CSR Report You’ve Ever Read

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This May Be The Most Original & Entertaining CSR Report You’ve Ever Read

Making your Sustainability report come alive“…

CSR reports need to connect to people to win their attention“…

Or more recently “What gets the worst marketing ROI? Your CSR report

All these articles share more or less the same boring vision of CSR reports: long, unatractive and non-engaging documents which fail at communicating a Sustainability message to the widest audience. If you agree with this statement, we may have found the best Sustainability report there is to change your mind. It is available online here and has been produced by Alphacoms.

Alphacoms is a French communication agency founded in 1985 and which now hires 28 employees. Based in Nantes, the agency has (as far as I know) no specific Sustainability or CSR consulting expertise but can rely on a strong corporate culture and a deep commitment from its top management. Their CSR strategy is based on 3 main pillars and voluntary coworkers are invited to join 6 different workshops to debate around  environment protection, responsible purchasing or work-life balance…

To communicate around their Sustainability culture and demonstrate their innovation in communication, they decided to present their 2013 CSR report as an online virtual tour of their offices where is organized a gigantic…banana hunt! Yes, you’ve read it correctly. A banana hunt.

Thanks to a Google Street View plugin, the reader can quickly visit Alphacoms’ offices and discover different visual elements to educate him about the company’s environmental footprint and social practices. But there is more. The Alphacoms team hid bananas into their offices (on their desks or meeting rooms for instance) and offer a big surprise to the reader who will find the right number of hidden bananas before October 17. And let me tell you those bananas are not easy to find (I’ve only found 4 so far – how many have you got?). Not only is the game funny, but it also originally stimulates our “hunting instinct” while teaching us about what the company’s been doing for its community. Besides, it enables potential future hires to learn more about the working conditions at Alphacoms, and notice that the offices are confortable and the atmosphere really friendly, young and open-minded.

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Here is what we love the most in this report:

  • It’s fun! From the tone they are using to present the banana hunt, to the design of the page, everything is made to entertain stakeholders. And it works! Dozens of French Sustainability professionals shared the report on Twitter the day it went public and the feedback was very enthusiastic.
  • They’re committed. While reading the report and explanations of the game, you really understand that Alphacoms are real about their green commitments. At the bottom of the page, they present 5 key commitments, which have been illustrated as infographics, and detail their main achievements for each topic. Cherry on top: they even signed the Global Compact.
  • The experience is interactive: Not only do they provide a great virtual banana hunt, they also took the time to produce a series of videos detailing different parts of their Sustainability journey!
  • They provide their full report as a PDF, so stakeholders can go deeper in the subject if interested. The report is shareable on Social Media and can be embedded on external websites.
  • They’re French! It is very refreshing to see that a small French company with less than 30 employees can be as innovative as a worldwide corporation when it comes to communicating Sustainability. They obviously don’t have a huge budget dedicated to their report but that doesn’t prevent them from searching for original ideas and implement them successfully!

We couldn’t have thought of a better business case for online Sustainability reporting. The reports we power on the Publisher also aim to reconcile stakeholders with the idea of reading a CSR report thanks to social-friendly and mobile-ready features and plugins.

You know of other non-boring and original CSR reports too? Share them in the comments!

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