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What’s the difference between Sustainability Reporting & Sustainability Management?

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What’s the difference between Sustainability Reporting & Sustainability Management?

In my Sustainability readings, I sometimes notice people tend to confuse Sustainability Reporting & Sustainability Management.  Sustainability Reporting really is a key element of a more global Sustainability Management approach, but in some cases, it can also be the starting point to manage Sustainability aspects. It’s the old chicken-end-egg question: What comes first, Reporting or Management ?

If you don’t have a clear Sustainability Management strategy, you shouldn’t have much to communicate about, as it doesn’t make sense to communicate about aspects that you didn’t manage previously. However, some companies also started to understand the benefits of implementing a more robust Sustainability strategy after publishing a couple of reports, that sometimes were mandatory due to local regulations. A Sustainability report can generate incentives for organizations that didn’t initiate a strategic reflection about Sustainability at first.

I guess it really depends on your company’s culture and vision, but to better understand these two notions and how they are connected, we’ve compiled a little table highlighting their key differences. At the end, we thought it was also important to explain how reporting frameworks, and especially the GRI G4, have impacted both Sustainability Reporting & Management and add value to your whole strategy:

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We’ll be going deeper into this subject during a webinar on Sustainability Reporting & Management Best Practices with Enablon on May 20th: “From G4 to Digital Reporting, What Smart Companies Are Doing”. Don’t hesitate to join us to learn more about how to embed the G4 framework into your processes and the connectivity between Wizness & Enablon !


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