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Featured Publisher Reports

  • Chicken of the Sea Sustainability Report 2013

    Chicken of the Sea used Publisher’s G4 template for its 2013 sustainability report. The company is a California-based leading provider of packaged seafood.      
  • MADE-BY Annual Report 2013

    MADE-BY, a distribution company focusing on ethical fashion, chose Publisher to carry out its annual reporting for 2013.
  • UPS Sustainability Report 2012

    UPS, one of the largest shipment and logistics companies in the world, chose to publish its 2012 sustainability report though Publisher.  
  • CCIB Sustainability Report 2013

    CCIB, Barcelona's International Center of Conventions (one of the most advanced of its type), chose the GRI G4 Template for its 2013 sustainability report.
  • Lavola Sustainability Report 2013

    Lavola, a Barcelona-based leading sustainability consultancy for the past 30 years, used Publisher's GRI G4 template for its 2013 sustainability report.
  • B:SM Sustainability Report 2013

    B:SM; the limited public company in charge of Barcelona's municipal services, used Publisher's GRI G4 template to create its 2013 sustainability report.
  • Greenflex GHG Observatory 2013

    Greenflex is one of the most well-known Sustainability and CSR consultancies in Paris and it used the Publisher to carry out its reporting tasks for 2013.  
  • SMI-Wizness Social Media Sustainability Index

    This research report, created by the consultancy SMI, is powered by the Publisher and presents how 100 companies use social media for sustainability and CSR.
  • Sustainability SWOT (sSWOT) Report

    The World Resources Institute created the sustainability SWOT to address companies’ environmental challenges and published its report through Publisher.
  • Mediapost GHG Report 2011

    Mediapost, a subsidiary of “La Poste”, the main mail service in France, created its 2011 GHG report using Publisher’s Article 75 template.
  • ACEFAT Sustainability Report 2012

    ACEFAT, focused on integrated management projects for works on Barcelona’s public highways, created its 2012 Sustainability Report using the Publisher.

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