Learn How Lavola Reinvented Their Sustainability Report By Going Digital


Lavola has been publishing its annual sustainability report since 2006. Year after year, Lavola has added an element of innovation to the report with the goal of progressing in the elaboration of sustainability reports and in solving possible obstacles in the process. This year, the challenge has been to incorporate the new GRI G4 standards into the report, as Lavola is a pioneer organisation in this domain. At the same time, its format integrates social networks and helps in the process of drawing up the report.


To combine innovation, design, communication skills, and transparency, as well as commitment to CSR and stakeholder relations, with an exhaustive report that is as attractive as possible, while offering a high a level of interaction.


The Enablon Publisher has made it possible to create a report with an online format adding versatility and accessibility, as this medium is interactive, viral, multi-platform, customisable, easy to use and with an element of design. Disseminating and circulating the report to stakeholders and allowing them to interact with it is very important when it comes to maintaining a CSR policy that meets stakeholders’ expectations.

logo-27 Lavola is a Barcelona-based leading sustainability consultancy which has been a CSR leader in Spain for the past 30 years.

Industry: Consulting

Report Type: Sustainability/CSR Report

Template: GRI G4

Design Theme: #4

Publication Date: 2014

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  • Pere Pous

    We, at Lavola, maintain our commitment to innovation as the way to face future challenges, without forgetting hard day-to-day work and perseverance. With regards to our annual report, we decided to go for a digital format so as to increase circulation and visibility of the report, using the Publisher tool which integrates features for viralization on all social networks.

    Pere Pous CEO at Lavola

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