See How UPS Obtained a Customized Website Entirely Dedicated To Their CSR Report


As shown in this report, UPS does more every year “to be sustainable, and demonstrate leadership in ways that matter to their stakeholders and the world at large”. Consistent with this logic, UPS decided to go even further this year, by publishing its annual sustainability results in an optimized, interactive format. The objective: make their results more accessible and visible, reach out to a larger audience, show more transparency and engage in a real dialogue with their stakeholders.


At the cutting edge of sustainability practices, UPS wanted to leverage its data with a format that would do justice to its performance. Already involved in the Enablon community, UPS naturally turned to the Enablon Publisher teams to get a view of what their report would look like as a micro-website.


UPS obtained a completely customized micro-website, fully dedicated to their CSR report and equipped with advanced CSR communication specific features, allowing them to:

  • Present a responsive report that can be read on any device (smartphone, tablet, desktop…)
  • Define “Stakeholder views” and adjust content to their different stakeholders’ interests
  • Offer a comments section and engage in public conversations with their readers directly on the report
  • Improve and increase their report’s presence on the web thanks to advanced social media sharing features, and search engine optimization technology.
ups_logo_120 UPS  is one of the largest shipment and logistics companies in the world, and delivers more than 15 million packages a day to more than 6.1 million customers in more than 220 countries and territories.

Industry: Logistics

Report Type: Sustainability/CSR Report

Template: Blank

Design Theme: #2

Publication Date: 2013

Link to report

  • Patrick Browne

    We were quite intrigued by this new format, and absolutely thrilled by the result! Eventually we realized this tool could definitely do better justice to the efforts we put in achieving, and reporting about our sustainable performance… Working with Enablon Publisher is another way for us to achieve more, of what matters!

    Patrick Browne Sustainability Program Manager at UPS

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